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Las Vegas stylist Sophia Song clients range from Olivia Newton John to Kiki Tyson. The number one question asked, what does it takes to dress ‘strong women’ for the red carpet, photo shoot and/or public appearance.

Clothing plays a role in creating different persona, strong women versus more delicate creatures. “It is like a film,” Sophia says. “You can't fool an audience: it has to be an authentic look. I think it’s pretty organic.

Whoever is wearing it has to feel it. If we strategize too much it ends up looking forced.” 

‘Strong women’ means something else in this context. “Choosing looks my clients and I like, without thinking about how they will be perceived or what statement they might make is, in itself, a show of strength,”.


Past & Current Clients

Olivia Newton John


 Stylist-Olivia Newton John (personal stylist)  

Andrea Bennett


Vegas Magazine-Stylist to Editor in Chief Andrea Bennett, Freelance Stylist & contributor to monthly fashion column & favorite restaurant picks. 

Kiki Tyson


 Soul Train Awards- Styled Executive Producer Kiki Tyson and styled three segments of the show 

Luxury Magazine


Luxury Magazine- Covers/Inserts 

Australian Woman’s Magazine


 Australian Woman’s Magazine- Cover Featuring Olivia Newton John  

Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine

Entertainment Magazine

Styles and Design from 2005 to present 

Vegas Seven Magazine


Vegas Seven Magazine featured as one of Las Vegas top stylist. 

Go Red For Women


Go Red For Women 

(American Heart Association)  



Recording Artist  Cover    



MJ The Evolution Stage Show  

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Style and Fashion is not just a look, its an expression and a why of life.    

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