Dr. Perry A. Paschall, Jr.


Dr. Perry Paschall retired in 2007 after 30 years of private and hospital practice and moved to Las Vegas in 2007. He pioneered chiropractic treatment in the US military and also taught Medical Resident’s. He opened one of the first clinics, supervised and wrote all the clinic items for operations and for the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Dr. Perry was also on a committee establishing guidelines for,” Lower back pain and treatment guidelines for the Department of Defense”.

Starting as a hobby Dr. Perry established “Paschall’s Distributing” in Antioch, CA. and continued for twenty one years as an importer from China, India and Thailand. The business was a distributor of women’s fashion accessories, custom jewelries and gift items. He ordered all the products, designed some of the jewelry and designed the showroom and warehouse. 

Prior to becoming a doctor, Dr. Perry’s education included drafting/drawing building plans, blue prints, machine drawing, architecture house plans and landscaping, engineering, and he was a Millwright in construction. He also served on the city of Antioch’s Waterfront Commission and Architectural Board, before moving to another city. His first major in college was in Aeronautical Engineering, (he was an airframe and power plant mechanic in the Army in Viet Nam for 3 tours and returned home to attend ground school and flight school and became a pilot), before he changed to Science and became a Doctor.

While in the military, Dr. Perry was in the ASA, which became the NSA, (National Security Agency in 1974), and has a Crypto Access Security Clearance. His clearance is current as was it while he worked for the DOD/USAF.

Dr. Paschall graduated magna cum laude from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, CA. in 1977.

After spending eleven years with the US Air Force at David Grant Medical Center, he retired and moved to Las Vegas, NV. and began working with and going on the Board of Directors for: Aircraft Leasing and Finance Corp., International Glamour Events and Appiah Tours.